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MARCH 19 2020 MFOFC HOUSING WEBINAR SERIES Introduction to Family-Governed Housing Cooperatives




  • Dr. Michael Kendrick
    Dr. Michael Kendrick

    Director, Kendrick Consulting International, brings over 40 years of experience as an independent international consultant in human services. He is also a Director at the Center for Public Representation, where he leads supported decision-making initiatives. Dr. Kendrick has worked with governments, advocacy and community groups as well as service organizations in many countries. His interests include service quality, creation of safeguards for vulnerable persons, social integration, innovation, personalized support, and reforms in human services.

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Mar 19 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

MFOFC Housing Webinar: Introduction to Family-Governed Housing Cooperatives

Communities in other countries have developed innovative arrangements enabling individuals with disabilities to lead lives on their terms. The family-governed housing cooperative is one such model in which multiple families join forces to create a network that serves as a vital resource and support system. Michael Kendrick, PhD, will provide an overview of this model based on his extensive work with cooperatives.

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