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Helping Families Imagine Better for over 30 years

Since 1990, MassFamilies has provided the Family Leadership Series to empower families and individuals to live and engage in their communities.

Members of MassFamilies have written and passed legislation to create statewide policy and practice for individual and family support. We have sponsored various conferences, workshops and forums to inform and educate individuals, families and community members about advocacy, services and local, state and federal resources.


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What makes our organization and leadership training unique is it’s created and led by culturally diverse families living with disabilities and complex medical needs. Our trainings address the barriers that come with the intersectionality of disability, race, culture, and language.

We meet participants “where they are at” and address knowledge gaps of understanding in terminology, concepts, language, and how to work within the system through a culturally and linguistically appropriate lens.

We envision a world where individuals with disabilities and their families have equal opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and contribute to all aspects of life for a lifetime.

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