MassFamilies Board of Directors

Please check the MassFamilies Calendar for scheduled board meetings.

Kathleen Amaral

Photo: Kathleen Amaral, MFOFC Regional Coordinator

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Ann Berube

Photo: Ann Berube, MFOFC Officer

Beth Bostic,

Photo: Elizabeth Bostic, MFOFC Board Member

Alyssa Brady,

Photo: Alyssa Brady, MFOFC board member

Yvonne Carpenter

Photo: Yvonne Carpenter, MFOFC Central Coordinator

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Natalie Cintron,

Photo: Natalie Cintron, MFOFC Board Member

Sue Crosby

Photo: Sue Crosby, MFOFC coordinator

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Nicole Desnoyers,

Photo: Nicole Desnoyers, MFOFC Board Member

Ebony Flint

Photo: Ebony Flint, MFOFC board member

Sherraine Glover Diaz

Photo: Sherraine Glover Diaz

Sagrario Guerrero

Photo: Sagrario Guerrero, MFOFC board member

O.Sophia Johansson

Photo: O. Sophia Johannson, MFOFC coordinator

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Rania Kelly

Photo: Rania Kelly, MFOFC board member

Sandra Kinney

Photo: Sandra Kinney, MFOFC Officer

Sandy Lebon

Sandy Lebon MFOFC board

Lauri Medeiros

Photo: Laurie Madeiros, MFOFC coordinator

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Jess Mendes,

Photo: Jess Mendes, MFOFC Board Member

Kathy Healy Norton

Photo: Kathy Healy Norton, MFOFC Board Member

Ida Shaker,

Photo: Ida Shaker, MFOFC Board Member

Shanell Stewart

Photo: Shanell Stewart

Brian Sullivan

Silhouette of a person with question marks

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