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Webinar Series on Housing

Series hosted by Radhika Pillai

Can an individual with disabilities lead an independent life of their choosing in a home of their choosing? Yes!

For parents raising individuals with disabilities, the process of finding appropriate housing for adult children can be challenging, especially in states like Massachusetts, where the options are expensive. Yet, some parents have developed creative solutions that enable their children to lead independent lives in housing arrangements that honor the individual’s vision of a lifestyle that best fits them.

This webinar series shared examples of innovative housing options being developed by parents and experts in the field.

Watch our archived webinars to hear conversations with parents and practitioners as they discussed:

  • When to start planning for independent living
  • The importance of developing a vision for your child’s life as an adult
  • Identifying and leveraging resources (community and government) to make independent living a reality
  • What to expect when transitioning to a new housing arrangement
  • Case studies that illustrate the person-centered approach

Archived Webinars

COVID’s Impact on Person-Centered Arrangements: Parent Panel Discussion

Presented: June 24, 2020

HomeWorks: A model of independent living for individuals with disabilities

Presented: June 18, 2020

Person-Centered Planning: Creating a plan that evolves over time

Presented: May 13, 2020

Creating an Intentional Community: What we can learn from Deohaeko, Canada

Presented: April 8, 2020

Introduction to Family-Governed Housing Cooperatives

Presented: March 19, 2020

Planning for Housing: Considerations for Children of Transition Age

Presented: January 22, 2020

Non-Traditional Approaches to Housing: A Practitioner’s View

Presented: October 23, 2019

From Dream to Reality: Plotting the Course to Person-Centered Living

Presented: September 19, 2019

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