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Person-centered living arrangements: Three things you can do now to get started

Over the past several months, MFOFC explored alternatives to conventional models of long-term living arrangements for people with disabilities through the Housing Webinar Series that recently concluded. We shared stories about families who have successfully created living arrangements or housing through the process of person-centered planning for their children.  Here’s what we learned. It is […]

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The Time is Now for Person-centered Living Arrangements

Webinar series on housing wraps up this month Since September (well before the pandemic), our webinar series on housing set out to explore the benefits of person-centered living arrangements for people with disabilities. Parents and practitioners shared examples of the person-centered approach to creating living arrangements that empower adults with disabilities to live independently or […]

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A look at Mainstreet, an inclusive housing project

The services cliff and its impact Parents face considerable anxiety as adult children with disabilities encounter the services cliff – an end to support services – when transitioning from high school. A lack of access to support services for young adults at this critical juncture often translates to unfavorable prospects in higher education, employment and […]

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Imagining Better: Person-Centered Planning and Living Arrangements

Here at MFOFC, we are driven by the vision of empowerment for individual and family support that includes planning, choices and decision-making. Person-centered planning is very much in line with this vision, as it puts the individual at the center, helping them develop a vision, plan for their future and foster an environment to help […]

APRIL 2020 Creating an Intentional Community_ What we can learn from Deohaeko, Canada MFOFC Housing Webinar

MFOFC Housing Webinar: Creating an Intentional Community

Intentional communities promote person-centered living and community engagement for individuals with disabilities. The story of Deohaeko Support Network, created nearly 30 years ago in Ontario, Canada, illustrates how an intentional community built on one site and guided by a set of principles has inspired other local family groups to achieve varying degrees of “intentional community” in their […]

MARCH 19 2020 MFOFC HOUSING WEBINAR SERIES Introduction to Family-Governed Housing Cooperatives

MFOFC Housing Webinar: Introduction to Family-Governed Housing Cooperatives

Communities in other countries have developed innovative arrangements enabling individuals with disabilities to lead lives on their terms. The family-governed housing cooperative is one such model in which multiple families join forces to create a network that serves as a vital resource and support system. Michael Kendrick, PhD, will provide an overview of this model based […]

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Webinar in two weeks!! Planning for Housing: Considerations for Parents with Transition-Age Children

We can’t wait for the next MFOFC Housing Webinar! We’ll be hearing from Sandra Heller. She’s MFOFC’s board co-chair, but in certain circles, she’s better known as Craig’s mom. Sandra will share what it was like to successfully launch Craig from the nest and how they made it happen. If you are the parent of […]