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Lots has been changing with the world, and MFOFC is no exception. MFOFC recently elected new officers, and now we have a few new board members for you to meet ???

Check out their information below and read their personal bios on our Board of Directors page.

Beth Bostic, “At –large” Honorary board member: Beth has completed all MFOFC trainings that we offer, including the Family Leadership Series. Beth has experience in training both parents and staff. She is a coach, parent consultant, and has been involved in a variety of programming relevant to our families. Beth’s background in leadership, consensus building, organizational development, and project management skills will bring tremendous value to our board.

Alyssa Brady, West: Alyssa is a Family Leadership Series graduate and is currently enrolled in the LifeCourse Learning Ambassador Series. She also taught herself and her son sign language to meet his communication needs. She is very committed, is an outside of the box thinker, and has a ton of energy. She is working on launching Neuro Mom Com, putting in a ton of volunteer hours. She has a great work ethic, she is eager to learn, and dedicated to volunteering and bringing families together.

Natalie Cintron, Central: Natalie graduated from the Family Leadership Series and graduated from Advocacy boot camp the first year we offered it in 2015 as a young single teenage mom. She brings a lot of positive energy, is action oriented, resourceful, and eager to rally for MFOFC priorities. She understands policy and has organized families in her community. She is a valuable family voice that can speak to how specific policies impact her family.

Nicole Desnoyers, West: Nicole has been awarded the “Family Excellence in Leadership” award by Parent/Professional Advocacy League (PPAL). She is involved with legislators on both local and state levels. She is dedicated to awareness and acceptance of children’s mental health. She fought to prevent the closure of her area’s only pediatric psychiatric facility. She is passionate about connecting Western families on a local and state level. She has shown leadership and understands the issues associated with Western Massachusetts Families.

Jess Mendes, Metro-Boston: Jess is a sibling and the legal guardian of her younger brother. She is very invested in her brother’s care, his future, and his happiness. She is a first generation American, her parents are from Cape Verde, West Africa. She speaks Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole, Spanish, and English. Jess clearly understands the issues, has a unique perspective, is a leader, and does a lot of advocacy on her brother’s behalf. She would bring a unique voice and perspective to the board.

Ida Shaker, Northeast: Ida is an Advocacy Bootcamp graduate and part of the 2019/2020 Family Leadership Series cohort. She has attended the Visions of the Community Conference, completed the FCSN Parent Consultant Training Institute, volunteers as co-chair for her local SEPAC, is a FCSN Call Center Representative, and volunteers as a Special Education Surrogate Parent. She understands policy, how policy plays out, and recognizes where gaps need to be filled. She has a passion to learn and a strong vision of what empowering families can look like. 

Let’s hear it for the new MFOFC Board Members ?✨?✨?✨

We can’t wait to see what you help us accomplish!