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Last week, DDS issued new guidance surrounding visiting individuals living in facilities.

Based on this data and the feedback DDS received from families regarding their Outdoor Visitation Guidance (issued June 10, 2020), DDS has revised their Visitation Guidance. 

These guidelines were developed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to ensure safe visitation. Families choosing to take their loved one off-site must sign an attestation form to verify their understanding and compliance with health and safety guidelines that remain in effect.  All visits must be planned in advance with the provider agency.

The revised guidance includes:

  • Extending current time limits for group home visits
  • Guidance on safe physical contact with your loved one
  • Off-site visitation including home visits, effective July 3rd

To download these documents directly from the DDS website, visit this link: https://www.mass.gov/news/dds-releases-updated-guidance-on-visitation-to-residential-programs