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To all MFOFC members:

The MFOFC Board of Directors invites you to participate in a Special Election to fill the following four positions: Co-Chairs (two positions, President & Vice-President), Treasurer, and Clerk. 


In June the Board accepted the resignations of O.Sophia Johansson and Sandra Kinneyas Co-Chairs, Sandy Lebon as Treasurer, and Ann Berube as Clerk. While all will remain active and committed members of the Board, each had personal reasons for stepping down from their Executive position.  The Board voted in Sandra Kinney and Rania Kelly as Interim Co-Chairs until a Special Election can be held. Lauri Medeiros, Sagrario Guerrero, and Kathy Healy Norton were voted in as Interim Vice-Chairs. 


You are invited to nominate candidates or consider your own candidacy. To nominate yourself, or another candidate, or if you have any questions, contact the Election Coordinator: Kathy Healy Norton, healynorton.mfofc@gmail.com or 978-273-8994.

All nominations should be submitted no later than midnight on July 27, 2020. Job descriptions are at the end of this announcement.


The Special Election will be held on August 3, 2020 from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM, via a Zoom Conference Call. Call-in information will be shared on July 31, 2020.

Special Election Agenda:

  1. Hold vote for Co-Chair, President position
  2. Hold vote for Co-Chair, Vice-President position
  3. Hold vote for Treasurer position
  4. Hold vote for Clerk position

Please note that all votes will be conducted via roll call.


General membership is comprised of family members of people with disabilities or chronic illness and other individuals and professionals who endorse and promote the goals and purposes of the organization.


The MFOFC board chair is the Primary elected Executive Director with the following responsibilities (Approved and Adopted by the Board of Directors January 27, 2014):

  • Assist in the preparation of board of director meetings
  • Assist in the development of board meeting agendas
  • Oversee Board of Directors meetings (in person and conference call)
  • Periodically consult with board members on their roles and helps them assess their performance
  • Coordinate all Board activities including, but not limited to, appointing committee chairpersons, overseeing the implementation of committee work and approving all documents/materials before dissemination.
  • Ensure the effective action of the board in governing and supporting the organization  
  • Work in partnership with the Statewide Coordinator
  • Call special meetings, if necessary
  • Coordinate Statewide Coordinator’s annual performance evaluation
  • Act as a spokesperson for the organization 
  • Represent the organization in the community or appoint appropriate representation
  • Recommend to the board which committees are to be established.  
  • Ensure each committee has a chairperson, and stays in touch with chairpersons to be sure the work of the committee is carried out; identifies committee recommendations that should be presented to the full board.
  • Approves MFOFC documentation/materials before dissemination 
  • And other tasks as agreed upon by the board of directors

Treasurer Job Description (Approved by the MFOFC Board of Directors November 18, 2013)

*All funds received will be forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit. 

The Treasurer will:

  • be responsible for safeguarding the organization’s assets.
  • seek board approval if change is needed with selection of financial institution and ascertain that the fees are appropriate to our tax exempt status.  All inquiries concerning MFOFC account(s) shall be handled expeditiously.     
  • seek Investment/Financial committee approval for changes in investment portfolio.   
  • review, in an expeditious manner, disbursements for appropriateness and approval where needed before executing payment.  
  • make recommendations concerning account signatures as needed.
  • reconcile the checking account to the bank statement.
  • submit a report of all receipts and disbursements since the previous Board meeting.
  • prepare and present an annual report of all receipts and disbursements for each completed fiscal year to the Board of Directors.  (An abbreviated version will be presented at the organization’s annual meeting.)
  • file required regulatory filings to the Internal Revenue Service, Massachusetts Secretary of State and Attorney General’s office.
  • handle all financial inquiries concerning prior filings, grant applications or any other financial matters.

MFOFC Clerk Job Description (Originally Approved by the MFOFC Board of Directors November 18, 2013; voted on December 2019)

  • Physically record meeting minutes that reflect the motions, seconds, and general topics of discussion with key points, as well as outcome of votes conducted during each meeting, including recording the outcome of Executive Sessions  preceding and/or following regular Board meetings. 
  • Compile and submit Board meeting minutes from the previous meeting to the Board of Directors for review and approval at the next Board meeting that includes a quorum.
  • Clerk will save draft (unapproved) meeting minutes in the Meeting Minute folder for the current Board meeting; make necessary changes based on board feedback; save final minutes as PDF and delete the original in the Shared Drive for “Board of Directors” in the Meeting Minute folder.
  • Oversee maintenance of corporate records, including complete and submit the annual corporate filing online for the Massachusetts Secretary of State by November 1st every year. Research if any other corporate filing that needs to take place, such as with the Attorney General.
  • Update the Board slate online with the Secretary of State every time there is a change in the MFOFC Board of Directors (including changes in officer positions; additions, resignations, and conclusion of terms of members of the Board of Directors), within ten days or as required by Massachusetts state law. 
  • Present Board Slate for approval at MFOFC’s Annual Meeting.
  • Maintain and keep the list of members of the Board of Directors and their address/contact information in the “General Information for Board Members” Folder in the Shared Drive for Board of Directors.
  • Schedule the Annual Meeting and sending out the agenda, in collaboration with the Co-Chairs and according to notice requirements in compliance with open meeting laws.
  • Oversee scheduling of all board business meetings in collaboration with the Chairs and/or Board; including arranging zoom/physical space, sending out appropriate meeting invitations with links to agenda and/or zoom address, updating MFOFC Calendar, and publicize to members in collaboration with web communication coordinator. 
  • Maintain MFOFC’s by-laws, including updating changes and ensuring organizational compliance. 
  • Maintain email communications to and from clerk@massfamilies.org.