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A new Position Paper is hot off the presses here at MFOFC today.

Thanks to the last 30 years of building strong family leaders in Massachusetts, we have learned a lot about what it means to help families imagine better.

MFOFC recognizes, like many here in Massachusetts and across the nation, that Supported Decision-making is an effective strategy for all of us to consider. We feel it is an inherent part of our core values and our mission.

“Our purpose is to advocate for a variety of flexible home and community supports that help people with disabilities and/or chronic illness live in their own homes as equal participants and members of their cultural and geographic communities. We consider Supported Decision-Making agreements to support this lifestyle, as well as to provide an alternative to Guardianship that promotes self-determination, autonomy, and choice.”

From MFOFC’s Position Paper on Supported Decision-making, December 2019

Since we are so strongly committed to the practice of Supported Decision-making, we decided to adopt a formal position.

You can view the Position Paper by clicking on the image below, or visiting our Position Papers page: https://massfamilies.org/advocacy/position-papers/

adopted December 2019

To learn more about Supported Decision-making, visit The Center for Public Representation’s Supported Decision-Making portal at https://supporteddecisions.org/