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In a search for materials available in Vietnamese for the families she serves, Oanh Bui, MFOFC family leader, compiled this great list of links to information about Coronavirus (Covid-19). She not only found a wealth of resources in Vietnamese, but a bunch of other languages which might be helpful for your communities as well.

You’ll want to bookmark this comprehensive list so you can come back to it again and again!

Feel free to share widely as families from diverse communities might not have access to materials in their languages.

Public Health-Focused Resources

Below is a list of multi-lingual resources on Covid-19 compiled in part by Switchboard.

Key COVID-19 Resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

For the latest CDC resources on COVID-19, visit the its COVID-19 Print Resources page and its COVID-19 video playlist.

Covid-19 Materials


Multimedia Resources

Live Updates

City of Boston Resources

The City of Boston has a text feature in multiple languages on COVID-19 update. Text BOSCOVID to 99411 to opt-in for English. This text service is also available in Spanish, Haitan Creole, French, Cabo Verdean Creole, and Portuguese. 

  • Text BOSEspanol to 99411 for Spanish
  • Text BOSKreyol to 99411 for Haitian Kreyol
  • Text BOSFrancais to 99411 for French
  • Text BOSKriolu to 99411 for Cabo Verdean Creole
  • Text BOSPortugues to 99411 for Portuguese

Updates in 10 total languages can additionally be accessed through boston.gov/coronavirus#multilingual-help. Each language has its own page and hosts multilingual print materials distributed citywide. 

Thank you, Oanh, for sharing these resources with our network and for your dedication to making sure the families you support have access to the information they need to stay healthy and safe during the Coronavirus pandemic ??????