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Since 1990, Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change (MFOFC) has been uniting families of individuals with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses to build a better future of supporting families.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be celebrating 30 years of imagining better. We will share stories and perspectives from family leaders who have been involved with MFOFC throughout the past three decades. This week, we’re kicking off the festivities with a few words from the legendary, Emily Nisenbaum.

“When I began the journey of raising a daughter with a disability, I knew there would be difficult days but I hoped there would be good days as well. What I didn’t know was that my inspiration would come from other family members on the same journey. The birth and growth of MFOFC is a testament to the strength and love of those families in accepting their role as leaders and working tirelessly to pave a positive future path for their family members and others.

It is exciting to celebrate a 30 year anniversary but our work as family members is not done! Those we love who are living with disabilities are counting on us to hold strong the values of community access and membership. They need us to imagine better, with them, and ensure their right to live a meaningful life. And who has more ‘natural authority’ to do that than we do as family members?”

Emily Murgo Nisenbaum

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