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I was asked if I could share what it means to me and my family to get vaccinated.

I am very grateful to have been able to receive the first dose of Moderna for Covid-19. I was able to receive the vaccine during Phase 1, because I am a home-based worker for the Brockton Area ARC.

The vaccine is bringing me hope.

Hope that there will be an end to this pandemic.

Hope that I can continue to make a positive difference in my job and have the ability to take on more clients. 

Hope that the vaccine will bring my younger son, his skills trainer, his therapist, Martial Arts teacher and speech therapist back to in person connections.

Hope that I will be able to hug my Mom and Dad.

Hope that my older son will be able to finish his senior year of college in person.

Hope because I was able to receive the vaccination, when this current vaccine is not recommended for my younger son due to his allergies. By protecting myself I am also protecting my family.

Hope that soon everyone will be able to receive the vaccine so our world can begin to get well.