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Like so many our world came to a crashing halt on March 16, 2020.

It really hasn’t moved forward in almost a year. It has become so very lonely for our daughter Grace. No school, limited visitors, limited nursing support, and the constant fear that my job as a preschool owner would be
the way this virus enters our lives.

What would we do if her nurse got sick, if either my husband or I did, who would look after Grace?
What if we all were sick?

These are worries we all have but you see there are only 3 people who can look after Grace at home. Her nurse, her Dad and me. That’s it. Grace has a rare genetic disorder. She is one of about 300 people in the world with Trisomy 9 Mosaic. She has a trach and G-Tube. Grace cannot talk or walk or sit up by herself. She needs the most intimate of care all day every day whether the world is stopping or not.

SO when I heard that CCM families were now eligible for the vaccine I was so thankful. As I stood in line outside of Gillette in the artic cold this past week I was filled with such hope and relief. The hours flew by as I
inched closer and closer to my turn.

After I received the shot for the first time in 322 days I thought, “It will be okay. I will be able to care for Grace whenever she needs me.”

Have you and/or a loved one gotten the COVID-19 Vaccine? We’d love to hear your experience. Share your thoughts in the comments below ?