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In the Family Leadership Series (FLS) series, we teach that there are many ways to improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families and ways to influence the funding and delivery systems that provide our vital supports.

Ana Colon, FLS grad and current Outreach Coordinator for the Fall River & New Bedford areas, is embodying the spirit of family leadership through her new position as Family Support Advisor at Family Connections Center at the Nemasket Group.

Southeast Regional Coordinator, Kathleen Amaral said, “I’m so proud of Ana and anticipate wonderful things as she begins her work supporting the needs of the families within her catchment.”

Ana had this to say about her new position:

“I’m extremely excited about my new role supporting families like mine. To be able to share information I’ve learned over the years for my children. There’s something about being real and relatable when meeting other families that need reassurance and support. It can make a huge difference and impact in their lives. We’re never alone on this path, let’s make the best of it together.

I plan to continue to learn, help, support and add value to an already incredible team here at the Family Support Center at the Nemasket Group”

Ana Colon

Let’s hear it for Ana! Way to lead! ? ? ?

We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!