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Flyer for Family Presentation with Tim Vogt


DDS Regional Training Department


People Inc.
4 S Main Street, Fall River, MA 02721


Jun 10 2019


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Free Workshop: An Evening with Tim Vogt: Helping Families Think Differently About Community & Belonging

Flyer for Family Presentation with Tim Vogt

Don’t miss this interactive workshop focused on helping you flip-the-script regarding  “services” vs. community & belonging presented by Tim Vogt. Through stories and reflections, Tim will share how his own agency is rethinking its own role in the future of inclusion, in an effort to help families, like yours, think differently about community for their own family member with disabilities.

Tim is the Director of Mission and Scale at Star fire, an organization in Cincinnati, Ohio and he offers strategies on how to ​discover​, ​activate​, and freely share​ your families’ ​gifts​ — and to ignite a journey leading toward a path of belonging.
Tim is a very dynamic presenter, who shares his own journey, and he will leave families inspired and engaged…  and filled with ideas!!
Please share this free opportunity with each and every family that you connect with within this work!

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