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  • Johanne Pino
    Project Coordinator & Young Adult Leaders Fellowship Supervisor

    Johanne Pino has worked at MAC since 1999. In her role as a full time Project Coordinator, she engages in outreach and provides information and technical assistance to parents, legislators, and professionals who work with children with disabilities or work on legislative issues that affect children with disabilities.

    She works to assure that school systems across the Commonwealth provide equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities so that the students will be able to fully participate in their communities. By helping to improve special education services and supports for students with disabilities, she helps to ensure that they will have better educational outcomes and will be prepared for further education, employment, and/or independent living.




Dec 05 2023


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


This workshop will address best practice based on the state’s anti- bullying prevention law. The training focuses on laws that require both school-wide efforts to create safe and supportive school environments for students with disabilities and laws that require IEP Teams to address bullying of students with disabilities. The workshop will also address concerns about the high rates of bullying after COVID-19 disruptions.

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