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We received the important message from our network about the following *urgent* input opportunity from DDS and DMH! Thanks to Cathy Boyle at Autism Housing Pathways for this important information!

DDS and DMH are seeking information from YOU “to provide DDS and DMH with information about what services are necessary to best meet the community services and supports needs of the intended population” [Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)], “and the associated operational logistics and costs. DDS and DMH seek information that will guide future exploration and policy making discussions concerning needed community based services.”

This is a *really important* opportunity to make your voice heard.

Unfortunately, the vehicle for responding is not terribly user friendly. DDS and DMH have issued this as a Request for Information (RFI) through COMMBUYS, which is the website the state uses to solicit bids for things like building a playground or opening a group home.

So, here is the simplified version:

  1. You are supposed to send your response by email to ASDRFI2019@Massmail.state.ma.us. As of right now, that email is bouncing, so I cc’d jerome.collins@state.ma.us, who is the contact person for the solicitation.
  2. Your response must be received by 3:00 pm on August 30th.
  3. Your response must consist of two completed forms, attached to your
    a. RFI Response Cover Sheet:
    b. Attachment A RFI Response Form

    Both of these may be downloaded from:
  4. The RFI Response Cover Sheet will ask several questions, including:
    a. The RFI Number and the COMMBUYS Bid Number. The answer to both of these is the same: BD-19-1022-DMH08-8210B-41306.
    b. The RFR Title. This is “Services and Supports to Meet the Needs of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Request for Information (RFI)”
    c. Organization, Independent Provider, or Interested Individual. I
    answered this in this way: Catherine Boyle (interested individual – parent)
    d. Title. I put N/A.
  5. The Attachment A RFI Response Form is designed for service providers to respond, with no obvious way for individuals and families to respond. They do not want you to alter the formatting, and answers must be submitted in one of the gray text boxes. I opted to put my entire answer under question 5, “What can DDS and DMH do or provide that would help you to develop and deliver Community Services and Supports to the ASD Population?” (Please note, you only need to answer the questions you choose to answer.)
  6. Be aware anything you submit is public.

Use your voice to improve supports for our family members and friends with ASD!

We can work on the vehicle they used for responses at a later date ?