Supporting Friendships a Presentation for Families 2/27/2023

Supporting Friendship: A Presentation for Families

Parents often struggle with how to help their children with disabilities to form relationships with peers without disabilities. This presentation highlights the importance of friendship for all, and provides concrete suggestions, tools and handouts to help parents connect their children with others in deep and meaningful ways.   CONNECTION INFORMATION Meeting ID: 854 4260 […]

June 24 2020 Webinar Series on Housing

COVID’s Impact on Person-Centered Arrangements: Parent Panel Discussion

How have person-centered living arrangements fared during the COVID-19 crisis? In this concluding webinar in the series, we will check in with three parents who practice person-centered planning for adult children with disabilities. Presenters: Kathy Brill Sandra Heller Dr. Laurel Peltier Learn more and register at

January 2020 Webinar Series on Housing BLOG graphic

Webinar in two weeks!! Planning for Housing: Considerations for Parents with Transition-Age Children

We can’t wait for the next MFOFC Housing Webinar! We’ll be hearing from Sandra Heller. She’s MFOFC’s board co-chair, but in certain circles, she’s better known as Craig’s mom. Sandra will share what it was like to successfully launch Craig from the nest and how they made it happen. If you are the parent of […]