Supporting Friendships a Presentation for Families 2/27/2023

Supporting Friendship: A Presentation for Families

Parents often struggle with how to help their children with disabilities to form relationships with peers without disabilities. This presentation highlights the importance of friendship for all, and provides concrete suggestions, tools and handouts to help parents connect their children with others in deep and meaningful ways.   CONNECTION INFORMATION Meeting ID: 854 4260 […]

Friendships at School during remote learning

Building Friendships at School During Challenging Times

Under normal circumstances, fostering friendships between students with and without disabilities comes with its own set of challenges. It requires the support and partnership of people who value the importance of friendship. Mix in a global pandemic, with the need to socially distance, and it becomes that much more challenging to accomplish. Join us for […]

Graphic: A Full Life Ahead (inside a yellow road sign), a road and icons for home, friends, work, love, play, money and food [icons CC Money by ✦ Shmidt Sergey ✦ from the Noun Project friends by Sewon Park from the Noun Project Work by sandra from the Noun Project Video Game by 杨皓棱 YHL from the Noun Project Pizza by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project]

A Full Life Ahead: Widening the Circle of Friendship Between People with & without Disabilities [Mattapoisett]

Building and keeping relationships is an important part of a FULL LIFE. Happiness can come from knowing we have friends and people who care for us. Building relationships between people with or without disabilities should be encouraged wherever you live, learn, work and play. Ross Hooley, Director of the Building Futures Project, and Kathleen Amaral, […]