Graphic: A Full Life Ahead (inside a yellow road sign), a road and icons for home, friends, work, love, play, money and food [icons CC Money by ✦ Shmidt Sergey ✦ from the Noun Project friends by Sewon Park from the Noun Project Work by sandra from the Noun Project Video Game by 杨皓棱 YHL from the Noun Project Pizza by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project]

A Full Life Ahead: Planning for when the School Bus Stops Coming [New Bedford]

This training, presented by Fletcher Tilton Staff is brought to you in a collaboration between MFOFC, Family Connections and SMEC. It will cover planning for Transition from High School to Adulthood: Eligibility for Government Benefits, Adult Supports and Services, ABLE Act, Preserving Eligibility when parents die or are infirm, Guardianship and less intrusive alternatives to […]