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Cover: Why Not Lead? By Deborah E. Reidy

Why Not Lead? A Primer for Families of People with Disabilities and their Allies
By Deborah Reidy

Book Synopsis: Leadership can be exercised by anyone who cares enough. You don’t need to have a title, or be charismatic, or even have confidence. You just need to be motivated to make a difference in the lives of people or causes you care about. Along the way, you will learn what works and what doesn’t and you will refine your leadership capabilities. Drawn from decades of experience, Why Not Lead? is a guide and a resource for caring people undertaking an intentional path of leadership. Its primary audience is families of people with disabilities and their allies, including people with disabilities themselves, advocates, staff, board members and others who care deeply about the lives of people with disabilities.

Learn more or order: http://www.reidyassociates.org/book/

Cover: Managing a Special Needs Trust

Managing a Special Needs Trust: A Guide for Trustees
by Barbara D. Jackins and Richard S. Blank, Ken W. Shulman, and Harriet H. Onello

An easy-to-understand reference guide for parents, individuals with disabilities, family members and advocates as well as attorneys, financial planners, tax advisers, social workers and educators-anyone who is managing a special needs trust and/or working with families on future planning for a family member with a disability.

Available at DisABILITIES Books

Cover: Legal Planning for special needs in Massachusetts

Legal Planning for Special Needs in Massachusetts
by Barbara D. Jackins

A practical guide to legal planning for parents of children with special needs. In a relaxed, conversational style, Attorney Barbara D. Jackins explains the essentials of SSI, guardianship, and estate planning when there is a family member with a disability. Although some of the materials are specific to Massachusetts, most of the strategies discussed are valid in any state. The 2010 Edition includes the 2009 changes in Massachusetts law pertaining to guardianship.

Available at DisABILITIES Books

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