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Remote Education Log

Remote Education Log

Remote Education Log is a free app to help busy families and caregivers keep track of remote learning and other daily data. 
The app brings the user through a couple of prompts to capture any number of activities or events, who was involved, for how long, and if there is anything else remarkable to note about the event or activity. This is particularly helpful for anyone who needs to keep track of remote lessons, special education services, and any observations throughout the day.

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Built in partnership with Massachusetts Advocates for Children and the Northeast chapter of MassFamilies, Remote Education Log uses TallyLab’s privacy-first data collaboration platform to ensure children’s data is kept safe and secure. 

Typically an app like Remote Education Log would be built using off-the-shelf cloud-hosted database technologies such as Firebase or MySQL. These products get the job done in terms of storing and sharing data, but they approach privacy and security as an add-on, ultimately relying on the people building and maintaining apps to be respectful of user data. 

By contrast, TallyLab takes a privacy-first approach, combining end-to-end encryption with OrbitDB, a powerful peer-to-peer, decentralized database technology. User data is shared on a device-to-device basis, is never on TallyLab’s servers in its unencrypted form, and is never explicitly connected to the user’s encryption keys. This innovative approach makes TallyLab structurally compliant with regulatory frameworks like COPPA, HIPAA, and GDPR.

But the technical solution is only part of the equation. We are most excited by the launch of Remote Education Log because it puts leading-edge technology to work for families grappling with a tough new educational landscape. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with folks in disability advocacy to do something innovative that keeps kids learning and growing. 

The Remote Education Log is freely available for anyone to use at https://log.education.

Remote Education Log is a collaboration between