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We will get through this together.

MatchUS is an community-driven educator/related service provider and family response to support our students (and their families!) with disabilities/IEPs/support needs during this time of social distancing.

Housed within the organization MassFamilies, we are working with families and educators ANYWHERE (not just MA) to support 1:1 conversations about how best to support our students at home. This is not exclusively a free tutoring service. This is an opportunity to engage in a conversation, collaboratively about how better to support your child.

Get Connected to Support

MatchUS is primarily run by a handful of Massachusetts-based educators who are volunteering to match interested families with educators and related service providers. Many families may not have heard from their school districts or want different support than what they are receiving from their schools or local districts.

MatchUS utilizes a Google Form to collect information from families. Our team makes a match and emails the pair from matchus@massfamilies.org.

So far, more than 200 educators have signed up to be paired with families. Over 100 families have signed up and been matched.


What People are Saying

My daughter was matched with [educator] Julia and she has been an absolute life saver. Julia meets with my daughter every weekday to read with her! Before this my daughter was refusing to read independently and also refusing to participate in her once weekly zoom class with her school. Unfortunately my daughter’s school is providing very little support and Julia swooped in to the rescue. Now my very reluctant reader looks forward to her reading sessions each day with Julia.

Emily K

mother of Violet, age 7 with a developmental delay in reading.


What People are Saying

We are so grateful for this support that is beyond what our teachers here in Arizona have been able to do.  It definitely takes a flexible and creative program to help families and students with special needs.  Kudos to MatchUS!!

Beth R.

mother of a 16-year old with Cerebral Palsy and a 2nd grader with Autism from Phoenix, Arizona


The MatchUS Team

Emma Fialka-Feldman

Emma is a second-grade teacher in the Boston Public Schools with licenses in elementary, special education, and English Language Learners. She has an adult brother with an intellectual disability who through circles of support, lives an interdependent life working at Syracuse University.

Solanyel Perez

Solanyel is a member of the Boston Teacher Residency Program. She is completing her residency in a second-grade (now, virtual?) classroom in Boston.

Sua Im

Sua is a high school Language Arts teacher and reading remediation tutor at the Landmark School. She is a special educator with experience in private and public settings.

Jean Capizzi

Jean is currently a third grade teacher with the Cambridge Public Schools. She has also served as a special educator in the Boston Public Schools.

More About MatchUS

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