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Happy Birthday, Mass Families!

Happy Birthday,

Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change!



Mass Families is celebrating our 30-YEAR anniversary!!!

We are grateful for our loved ones, graduates, volunteers, outreach coordinators, regional coordinators, staff, the board of directors, and our founders who have all contributed to 30 years of imagining better.

Support our efforts to IMAGINE BETTER and purchase anniversary merchandise.

3 Ways to Support Mass Families’ 30th Birthday

Share how Mass Families has impacted your life
Using the hashtag, #HappyBirthdayMassFamilies, tell the world how you feel about Mass Families and how being a family leader has made a difference for your family.
Buy Mass Families Schwag
To help propel us into the next 30 years, we have launched a Custom Ink fundraiser with awesome Mass Families gear that you can proudly wear to show your support.

Donate to Mass Families

Whether it’s $3, $30, or $300, every amount can help us continue supporting parents and people with disabilities to build their leadership and advocacy skills and imagine better!

Mass Families Birthday Updates

Reflections from Family Leaders