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These are scary times.

Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change is here to support you during this time of uncertainty and social disconnect.

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We will get through this together.

MatchUS is an community-driven educator/related service provider and family response to support our students (and their families!) with disabilities/IEPs/support needs during this time of social distancing.

Housed in organization Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change, we are working with families and educators ANYWHERE (not just MA) to support 1:1 conversations about how best to support our students at home.

“Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.”

– Publilius Syrus

Community Calls

We are hosting weekly calls to get everyone on the same page and make sure everyone has the information they need.

Virtual Coffee Hours

We know how important it is to stay connected through this chaotic time. Join us for virtual coffee hours to spend time with members throughout the week!

Routine Building & Social Engagement

We are working with our partners to provide online learning opportunities and space to connect while we are socially isolated.

Mass Families & Allies Community Calendar

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Latest Updates & Resources for Surviving Coronavirus

Video nuevo: Realidad vs. Ficción – Entendiendo las Vacunas Contra el COVID-19 

En esta sesión de Nuestra Voz (una llamada de MassFamilies), Todos Nosotros NE (All of Us New England) reunieron con nosotros para discutir las vacunas de COVID-19. ¡Gracias a Todos Nosotros NE por conectar con MassFamilies para educar a nuestras familias! Aprende mas de Todos Nosotros NE en su pagina de web en Ver […]

Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine Nancy's Perspective

Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine: Nancy’s Perspective 

I was asked if I could share what it means to me and my family to get vaccinated… The vaccine is bringing me hope.

Getting the covid-19 vaccine - Carole's Story

Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine: Carole’s Story 

Like so many our world came to a crashing halt on March 16, 2020. It really hasn’t moved forward in almost a year. It has become so very lonely for our daughter Grace. No school, limited visitors, limited nursing support, and the constant fear that my job as a preschool owner would bethe way this […]

Partnering in a Pandemic

Partnering in a Pandemic: Insights from an MFOFC Family Leader 

The thoughts below were written by Roxi Harvey, an ABC and FLS alum who assumed a leadership role in the Boston SpEd PAC during COVID and recently published an article she co-wrote with Emma Fialka-Feldman. The link to the OpEd is below. What new leadership roles have you stepped into in this pandemic? What has […]

Coronavirus Resources from our Partners