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MassFamilies has been gathering individuals with disabilities and their family members for over 25 years in the name of improving supports to families and the policies that affect their lives. Learn more about our history and accomplishments.

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Legislative Priorities

View MassFamilies’ legislative priorities, set in response to current legislation that affect individuals with developmental disabilities in Massachusetts and their families.

Position Papers

View our position papers, developed in response to some of the most serious issues impacting people with disabilities and their families.


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Massachusetts Alliance for 21st Century Disability Policy

A collaborative effort to spell out what comprehensive disability policy can and should look like.

Chapter 171

Landmark Legislation Revolutionizing Family Supports

Giving families a voice and a seat at the table as policy is set.

Latest Alerts & Advocacy Updates

MassFamilies Legislative Corner

MassFamilies Legislative Corner

THIS JUST IN! There is an opportunity for MassFamilies members to participate in two (2) upcoming virtual public hearings regarding a number of our legislative priorities coming up this week that we thought Mass Families and Allies would want to be aware of. The Joint...






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